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James Magnus Woods

James Magnus Woods

Born in Egypt and raised in the UK, India ​and his native Australia, James took the long way round to becoming a film industry professional in New York.

After picking up a couple of degrees from the University of Melbourne, he hit the road, looking for deep ends to throw himself in. He spent time as a superyacht officer in the Mediterranean, a stunt double in Kenya and a travel writer & photographer in South America. 

His travels gave him a deep respect for different cultures and people from all walks of life, something he hopes is reflected in his work- both on set as an AD and in his creative endeavors. 

Since settling in New York, James earned a filmmaking certificate from NYU and completed several screenwriting programs at Gotham Writers' Workshop. He loves being on set and is constantly inspired by the incredible filmmaking talent he gets to work with. 

He lives with his wife and son in Brooklyn, NY and is available for work worldwide.

(+1) 954-336-8790

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